Learn all about The Furry Party,
The Political Party for Furry's, Animal Enthusiasts, and Animal Rights Activists.

Not just a political party for Furrys!

We're open to everyone who cares about animal rights.

Join The Furry Party (UK)

Become a member and help fight for animal rights around the world.

Currently, we’re not officially registered in the United Kingdom, this is something Fesothe is working towards. However, you can become a member simply by joining our Telegram.

If you’ve been a Telegram member prior to the official registration of the party and the release of our app we’ll make you lifetime member with no recurring membership fees.

Though you must be a resident of the United Kingdom. If you don’t reside in the United Kingdom, you can still be a member of our main organisation.

Not to fret! stay a member of The Furry Party (ORG) and you’ll be the first to know when The Furry Party opens in your country and your lifetime membership will automatically transfer over.

Shop Goodies from our Store!

We have an online shop selling our logo branded goods, we sell these to provide funding for the party.

Your Donations Help the Party Grow!

There are a number of ways to donate to the party, officially you can use PayPal or Cryptocurrency.


If you know what a blockchain domain is please send donations to uk.furrys.crypto or uk.furrysparty.crypto.

Please view the associated webpages where you can find the wallet identifiers if you cant load those pages you need a plugin.

You can always view the donation page instead, uk.furrys.party/donate/.


The Furry Party Leadership

There is currently one official member Fesothe (Jonathan Curley) who will be Chairman of the party.

We’re currently looking for further leadership and staff members.